Green Tea

Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Green Tea For Weight Loss

Green Tea

When asked why people of Eastern cultures live so long, many have jokingly responded that their long lifespan can be attributed to the effects of drinking green tea every day. While this joke used to be a source of laughter, scientific studies over the past thirty years have started to prove that this may not be a joke at all. Rather, scientific evidence suggests that the health benefits of drinking this tea are enormous.

Health Benefits

So what exactly are these so-called health benefits provided by drinking green tea on a regular basis? Firstly it is a source of natural caffeine, meaning that it helps wake people up as opposed to a morning cup of coffee. What you may not know about caffeine, however, is that it is also a way of boosting your metabolism to allow you to lose weight by burning more calories throughout the day after consuming it. Because of this, green tea is a natural fat burner and appetite suppressant, allowing you to lose weight quickly and easily. However, though green tea is a form of caffeine, drinking it has also been linked to levels of reduced stress, meaning that green tea also helps people relax. Relaxation is critical to leading a healthy life because it lowers blood pressure. The tea is also associated with lowering levels of cholesterol over long periods of consumption. This, in turn, reduces risks of heart disease in future years.

Other Possible Benefits

Green tea has also been attributed to helping several other health conditions in ways that haven’t been quite as established through western medicine. It has been found that tea drinkers seem to have a lower statistical risk of developing cancer than their non-tea drinking counterparts. Furthermore, those who drink daily seem to have stronger immune systems, meaning that they don’t get sick as often or for as long as others. Green tea drinkers also report a stronger sense of well-being than anyone else, says psychological studies. It is even believed that green tea actually promoted good oral health; green tea does not have any carbs and is said to be have a positive impact on preventing tooth decay. Most of these results have been seen through centuries of people drinking green tea as a home remedy or cultural practice. However, all of this evidence is unfounded and needs further experimentation to tell for sure.

The only negative effect of green tea found to date is the possible development of insomnia due to the caffeine. However, if it is not drank before intended sleep, this will not actually effect health in a significant way.

A Daily Cup Of Green Tea

Whether green tea is just a home remedy or whether you actually use it for all of the different medical fields it has been attributed to helping, it is undeniable that this tea has a powerful positive effect on health. Those who drink tea end up happier and healthier in the long run. With such strong results linking the consumption of green tea with long lives and happiness, its about time you pour yourself a cup and get into the habit of making a cup every day!